Kinesio or Myofascial taping is a treatment modality used for injuries, postural syndromes and also to enhance sporting or functional performance. 

Widely used by athletes at all levels - and most recently seen being used by many athletes at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games - it supports the fascial tissue network which covers the whole body, lying just below the skin and over the muscles and joints.  

However, kinesio tape is not just for elite athletes and it is highly effective as part of a customised treatment programme to treat acute and long standing injuries, or complaints relating to posture. 

Unlike other methods of strapping, kinesio taping does not restrict the joints or muscles but allows free movement whilst supporting the tissues, enabling the wearer to carry on their normal life, work, leisure or sporting activities unhampered by bulky or limiting joint or muscle supports.

It can also be used in pregnancy, providing support to the 'growing' mum without risk of harm to the baby. Again, it is comfortable to wear and allows freedom of movement that maternity belts do not.

For those looking to enhance sporting performance, kinesio taping provides support and added proprioceptive stimulus to the wearer enabling improved technique and endurance.

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