Clemence Physio - your bridge to better health

Clemence Physio is a private physiotherapy               clinic in the heart of Norwich, run by                  Nicola Clemence

Specialising in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions - such as pain, stiffness and other symptoms relating to the joints and muscles of the body - Nicola takes great care to ensure you receive the best management for your condition and ongoing assessment of your needs.  

With a wealth of knowledge and the skills to manage your symptoms, Nicola's mission is to optimise your return to health using a hands-on approach, encompassing a range of physiotherapy mobilisation and manipulation techniques, exercise prescription and acupuncture. 

Call Nicola on:

07900 890006 or email 

to arrange an initial assessment and take the first step to reduce your pain.

Clemence Physio at Hurn Chemist, 143 Unthank Road, Norwich | 07900 890006    

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